1. Old Gods Rule

    21 January 2016 by Adam

    Old Gods Rule print by Adam Boman

    I designed this t-shirt print as a birthday present to my old friend Fredrik. It’s Cthulhu surfing near the sunken island of R’lyeh – an Elder God spoof of the Old Guys Rule brand.

    Now you can buy your own Lovecraftian surf wear at Redbubble.

  2. Necronomicon?

    5 March 2010 by Adam

    O'Reilly Necronomicon Abdul Alhazred O'r'lyeh Creative Commons

    Creative Commons License
    Necronomicon by Adam Boman is licensed under a Creative Commons Erkännande-Ickekommersiell-Inga bearbetningar 2.5 Sverige License.

  3. Move Under Ground by Nick Mamatas

    13 January 2010 by Adam

    Move Under Ground

  4. Lovecraft is Missing

    9 November 2009 by Adam

    Lovecraft is Missing