1. New avatar

    19 April 2016 by Adam

    The self portrait I have been using on this site and elsewhere online was getting old. The original line drawing is from the comic Abstraction that was published in Wonderful Comics #10 in 2008.

    Since then, I have changed my hair style and I started wearing glasses more often. More importantly, I have aged quite a bit since I made the first version.

    In short it was time for an update. Below you can see a few of the steps in the process.

    Updated self portrait - Steps in the process

  2. Old Gods Rule

    21 January 2016 by Adam

    Old Gods Rule print by Adam Boman

    I designed this t-shirt print as a birthday present to my old friend Fredrik. It’s Cthulhu surfing near the sunken island of R’lyeh – an Elder God spoof of the Old Guys Rule brand.

    Now you can buy your own Lovecraftian surf wear at Redbubble.

  3. Disco monkey

    10 March 2012 by Adam

    disco disco disco

  4. Necronomicon?

    5 March 2010 by Adam

    O'Reilly Necronomicon Abdul Alhazred O'r'lyeh Creative Commons

    Creative Commons License
    Necronomicon by Adam Boman is licensed under a Creative Commons Erkännande-Ickekommersiell-Inga bearbetningar 2.5 Sverige License.

  5. Robot sketch

    10 October 2009 by Adam


    This is a sketch of a robod I drew quite some time ago…

  6. Fan Art

    8 October 2009 by Adam

    Today my friend and co-editor Mikael Sol opens his exhibition “Birds & Bees“, which is why I made some fan art:

    Fan art with tapir

    Fan art with platypus

    Fan art with full frontal nudity

  7. Poly illustration

    30 June 2009 by Adam

    Kom Ut 1 2009

    My drawing below was recently published in the Swedish LGBTQ magazine “Kom ut” to illustrate a polyamorous relationship. The illustration was used in an article on alternatives to marriage now that Sweden has finally legalized gay marriage.

    The relevance to comics should be obvious…