1. Bitter words from a bitter man

    27 September 2010 by Adam

  2. Cool animations for kids:Saari

    13 July 2010 by Adam


    This morning i saw an episode of Stor Fisk’s children’s animation “Saari”.

    Real cool stuff! My son was completely mesmerized.

    Have a look at Vimeo.

  3. Voddler browser plugin

    21 June 2010 by Adam

    Install this Voddler search engine in your Mozilla Firefox to search movies quickly:

    Voddler Search Engine Plugin

    (Or make your own plugin)

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  4. Trains

    29 March 2010 by Adam

    My kid has become very fascinated in trains. Here are a few vids that both of us enjoy:

  5. We all stand together. Pom pom.

    31 January 2010 by Adam