1. Zero History av William Gibson|Zero History by William Gibson

    14 december 2011 by Adam

    I always become happy when I read something by William Gibson. While reading Zero History I found the following in the Swedish terrain:

    Jag blir alltid så glad när jag läser William Gibson.

    Ideerna! Språket!

    Idag har jag läst klart Zero History och den var minst lika bra som tidigare böcker.

    När jag läste som bäst stannade mitt tåg i Jonsered och jag fick se det följande i mobilen:

    William Gibsons väg

    William Gibsons väg (William Gibson’s street)

  2. B-movie poster mayhem

    4 juni 2011 by Adam

    I found this great site: Wrong Side of the Art

    This is the place I post B-movie posters. One sheets, half sheets, daybills, locandines, quads – whatever I find. Also – some random movie stills. The resolution is usually good, but not perfect. Which means the quality is okay for an A4 quickie for your cubicle, but certainly not enough to reproduce the original poster.

    Movie posters: Wrong side of the art

  3. Found art: Robotron

    3 mars 2010 by Adam

    Das Erzeugnisprogramm Dezentrale Datentechnik