1. Ett till omslag till Rasmus Carlssons redogörelse

    6 januari 2021 by Adam
    Rasmus Carlssons redogörelse gammaldags pocket-omslag

    Jag kunde inte hålla mig från att göra ett till omslag till min novell Rasmus Carlssons redogörelse. Det tredje omslaget är inspirerat av pocketböcker från 1960- och 1970-talen, kanske främst W & W-serien.

    Många av de snyggaste av de omslagen är illustrerade av Per Åhlin, men jag försökte mig inte på att emulera hans teckningsstil. Det hade inte slutat bra. Den som vill se många exempel på Åhlins omslag kan titta på den här fina samlingen.

    Alla tre versionerna av Rasmus Carlssons redogörelse går att ladda ner gratis.

    Några exempel på inspirationskällor:

    Sagan om ringen, omslag av Hans Söderberg
    Lysande utsikter, omslag av Gunnar Göransson
    Stenbockens vändkrets, omslag av Per Åhlin
    Lars Hård, omslag av Per Åhlin

  2. Rasmus Carlssons redogörelse som e-bok

    12 december 2020 by Adam
    Rasmus Carlssons redogörelse retro-omslag Rasmus Carlssons redogörelse cyberpunk-omslag

    Nu går det bra att ladda ner min skräck-novell Rasmus Carlssons redogörelse alldeles gratis. Välj mellan två olika omslag.

  3. Goth drawing

    31 maj 2020 by Adam
    Goth drawing by Adam Boman

    My Tim Burton-inspired goth drawing received an honorable mention in the Trinquette drawing challenge this April.

    Reference: Faestock

  4. Sun Wukong – Monkey King

    1 juli 2018 by Adam

    Sun Wukong - The Monkey King by Adam Boman
    This is my drawing of Sun Wukong or the Monkey King, inspired by the Chinese animated movie Uproar in Heaven from the 1960s.

  5. New avatar

    19 april 2016 by Adam

    The self portrait I have been using on this site and elsewhere online was getting old. The original line drawing is from the comic Abstraction that was published in Wonderful Comics #10 in 2008.

    Since then, I have changed my hair style and I started wearing glasses more often. More importantly, I have aged quite a bit since I made the first version.

    In short it was time for an update. Below you can see a few of the steps in the process.

    Updated self portrait - Steps in the process

  6. Old Gods Rule

    21 januari 2016 by Adam

    Old Gods Rule print by Adam Boman

    I designed this t-shirt print as a birthday present to my old friend Fredrik. It’s Cthulhu surfing near the sunken island of R’lyeh – an Elder God spoof of the Old Guys Rule brand.

    Now you can buy your own Lovecraftian surf wear at Redbubble.

  7. Fan art for the Stockholm Comics Festival|Min fanart till Seriefestivalen 2015

    8 maj 2015 by Adam

    No pasaran! - Fan art av Adam
    Min fanart till Stockholms internationella seriefestival.
    Det fantastiska originalet är av Lina Neidestam.

  8. Introspection by Adam Boman

    17 december 2014 by Adam

    Close your eyes and relax every muscle of your body. Sense how your limbs are growing heavier and heavier. Focus all your attention on your sensory input: The sound of your breathing, the dark red color behind your eyelids.

    Now leave these sensations behind and instead consider the purely cognitive aspects of your mind. Attempt to make your mind blank. Let your thoughts drift by like tiny leaves in a watercurrent.

    Select one thought and study it more closely. See the complex structure of symbols, connected in a web of associations. Look even closer. And closer... Finally you reach the machine code that runs your binary mind.


    This comic was published in the international comic art magazine C’est Bon Anthology volume 22. The theme of that issue was singularity, so my comic is inspired by the technological singularity.

    Reading list:

    Introspection in C'est Bon Anthology vol. 22