Introspection by Adam Boman

17 december 2014 by Adam

Close your eyes and relax every muscle of your body. Sense how your limbs are growing heavier and heavier. Focus all your attention on your sensory input: The sound of your breathing, the dark red color behind your eyelids.

Now leave these sensations behind and instead consider the purely cognitive aspects of your mind. Attempt to make your mind blank. Let your thoughts drift by like tiny leaves in a watercurrent.

Select one thought and study it more closely. See the complex structure of symbols, connected in a web of associations. Look even closer. And closer... Finally you reach the machine code that runs your binary mind.


This comic was published in the international comic art magazine C’est Bon Anthology volume 22. The theme of that issue was singularity, so my comic is inspired by the technological singularity.

Reading list:

Introspection in C'est Bon Anthology vol. 22

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