1. B-movie poster mayhem

    4 juni 2011 av Adam

    I found this great site: Wrong Side of the Art

    This is the place I post B-movie posters. One sheets, half sheets, daybills, locandines, quads – whatever I find. Also – some random movie stills. The resolution is usually good, but not perfect. Which means the quality is okay for an A4 quickie for your cubicle, but certainly not enough to reproduce the original poster.

    Movie posters: Wrong side of the art

  2. Move Under Ground av Nick Mamatas

    13 januari 2010 av Adam

    Move Under Ground

  3. Lovecraft is Missing

    9 november 2009 av Adam

    Lovecraft is MissingMin kompis Fredrik tipsade om denna webbserie: Lovecraft is Missing.

    Jag har inte hunnit läsa den ännu, men det ser intressant ut.